Our Mission

  • At Ivy Pharmacy, our unwavering mission and purpose is to serve as a community partner, providing not just prescriptions, but an integrated and personalized healthcare experience that fosters lasting well-being. We believe that adherence to medication is a crucial step towards optimal health, and quality of life.

With a profound understanding of each individual's journey, we tailor our services to be unique and precisely suited to your needs. Our commitment extends beyond the transactional realm, as we aspire to create a supportive environment where our patients are empowered to become active participants in their health.

Through thoughtful guidance, tailored solutions, and a compassionate approach, we aim to transform the pharmacy experience into a journey of partnership and empowerment. By being a pillar of our community and delivering an experience that is both personalized and exceptional, we strive to inspire our patients to achieve their best health outcomes through consistent and effective medication adherence.

Meet Our Pharmacist

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Heidi Cevallos, PharmD

Meet Heidi Cevallos, our dedicated Pharmacist In Charge at Ivy Pharmacy. Before her move from Guadalajara, Mexico, she embarked on her journey in pharmacy by attending Pharmacy School in Mexico. Afterward, she ventured to the United States, where she earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Purdue University. With over a decade of pharmacy experience under her belt, Heidi's expertise spans a wide spectrum, including a specialization in HIV care for the past 7 years. Notably, she holds the distinction of being an American Academy of HIV Medicine Pharmacist. Beyond her HIV focus, Heidi possesses extensive knowledge in areas such as Diabetes, PrEP, Gender-Affirming Care, and Hepatitis C treatments.

Heidi's dedication resonates far beyond the pharmacy walls. She generously volunteers her time to provide care at a hospice in Tijuana, Mexico – the facility that has been a beacon of hope for individuals with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis for two decades. Collaborating alongside a team of fellow volunteer providers, their collective efforts are dedicated to offering solace and support to a marginalized and often overlooked patient community.

With a passion for patient education, Heidi finds joy in imparting the importance of proper medication usage and adherence. Her bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish allows her to bridge communication gaps and serve an even broader patient base. We eagerly anticipate the infusion of her wealth of knowledge and boundless compassion into the care we provide to our valued patients here at Ivy Pharmacy.

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Ivy Rooney

In 1991, Ivy Rooney embarked on her remarkable journey in the field of pharmacy, stepping into a national and local AIDS/HIV specialized pharmacy during the inception of the epidemic and treatment. While initially anticipating a swift resolution to the epidemic, she promptly discovered her true calling – offering unwavering and very necessary compassion and support to patients in need. Over three decades have passed, and Ivy's commitment to the local HIV community remains steadfast.

Her involvement extends to co-chairing the San Diego Women’s HIV conference and participating as a lead with the HIV Funding Collaborative, made possible by the dedicated support of the Human Dignity Foundation and Red Dress Party of San Diego. Furthermore, Ivy actively engages in various community events that provide direct assistance to the LGBTQ+ and HIV communities of San Diego.

Ivy's extensive pharmacy experience is bolstered by her advocacy efforts, ensuring that patients receive the care they rightfully deserve. She confronts healthcare challenges head-on, utilizing her profound understanding of prescription drug coverage to collaborate with insurance companies and physicians, crafting solutions that cater to patients' needs. Moreover, she empowers patients to navigate the intricacies of their coverage, arming them with the knowledge to advocate for themselves.

Through her journey, Ivy has forged invaluable relationships with clients, patient advocates, physicians, clinics, service organizations, and fellow community partners who share her common goals. Guided by her heartfelt dedication and unwavering determination, she continues to set the standard for exceptional service.